Civil Society Message on May 13

Make May 13 A Day for Peace, Reason and Freedom

On this day which the nation experienced its darkest hours 41 years ago, we the undersigned civil society groups call upon the nation to make May 13 a day to cherish peace, reason and freedom.
We hold that
1.       The May 13 ethnic riot was the most unfortunate episode in Malaysia’s history in which lives were lost and properties destroyed as politics broke down into violence. We offer our thoughts and prayers to the innocent lives lost and consolation to the victims who survived it.
2.       Thankfully, Malaysia has since moved forward as a nation in denouncing political violence. Post-March 8 attempts to trigger ethno-religious tensions and justify authoritarian controls, such as the cow-head protest in August 2009 and the desecration of houses of worship in January 2010, have been resolutely defeated by condemnation coming from Malaysians of all ethno-religious and socio-cultural backgrounds who treasure peace, reason and freedom.
3.       Any attempts to mock or trigger another May 13 – whether to subdue citizens or to seize power – may end in complete political destruction of the culprits. The trials of Liberia’s Charles Taylor, Chile’s Augusto Pinochet and Ex-Yugoslavian warlords for mass violation of human rights should serve as a stern reminder to anyone contemplating political violence. A society with zero tolerance for political violence and intimidation of any kind is emerging in Malaysia, especially amongst those of the younger generations. We seek peace and harmony, not in fear, but through dialogues and deliberations in the spirit of mutual respect and openness.
4.       While freedom of speech and freedom of assembly for all political persuasions should be celebrated, any attempt to exploit the anniversary of May 13 to glorify political violence or instil fear is disgraceful and should be shunned by the public. In addition, any commemoration of the tragedy involving state funds and resources must be inclusive in both content and target group.
The Undersigned groups:
1.    Aliran Kesedaran Negara (Aliran)
2.    Amnesty International Malaysia (AIM)
3.    Annexe Gallery
4.    Bahagian Belia, Gabungan Persatuan-persatuan Bekas Penuntut Sekolah China W.P. & Selangor
5.    Borneo Research Institute Sarawak (BRIMAS)
6.    Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ)
7.    Centre for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC)
8.    Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI)
9.    Centre of Education. Research and Development (CEDAR)
10.    Child Development Initiative
11.    Civil Rights Committee, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (CRC-KLSCAH)
12.    Council of Churches of Malaysia Youth (CCM Youth)
13.    Education and Research Association of Consumer, Malaysia
14.    Educational, Welfare and Research Foundation Malaysia
15.    Federation of Indian Non-Governmental Organisations
16.    Friends in Conversation (FIC)
17.    Friends of Kota Damansara
18.    Frinjan Collective
19.    Gabungan Pertubuhan-pertubuhan Masyarakat India Selangor
20.    Group of Concerned Citizens
21.    Indian Malaysian Active Generation (IMAGE)
22.    Institute for Development of Alternative Living (IDEAL)
23.    Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF)
24.    Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia Sarawak (JOAS)
25.    Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (JERIT)
26.    Johor Tamizhar Sangam
27.    Klang Consumer Association
28.    Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Youth Section (KLSCAH-YS)
29.    Kuala Lumpur Hindu Youth Organisation (KLHYO)
30.    Kuala Lumpur Indian Entrepreneurs and Professionals
31.    LLG Cultural Development Berhad
32.    Majlis Kelab Bell Belia Tamil Malaysia
33.    Malaysia Hindu Dharma Mamandram
34.    Malaysia Indian Progressive Educational Society
35.    Malaysia Lekshmi Pooja Meditation Society
36.    Malaysia Tamil Artiste Association
37.    Malaysia Tamil Neri Kalagam
38.    Malaysia Thanavasiya Association
39.    Malaysia Youth and Students Democratic Movement (DEMA)
40.    Malaysian Archagar Sangam
41.    Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
42.    Malaysian Association of Indian University Graduates
43.    Malaysian Ceylon Saivites Association
44.    Malaysian Dravidian Association
45.    Malaysian Hindu Youth Council
46.    Malaysian Indian Business Association
47.    Malaysian Indian Development & Unity Association
48.    Malaysian Indian Development Association
49.    Malaysian Indian Entrepreneurs and Professionals
50.    Malaysian Indian Historical Association
51.    Malaysian Indian Youth Development Foundation
52.    Malaysian Tamil Forum
53.    New Era College  Student Progressive Front
54.    New Era College Media Studies Society
55.    New Era College Student Union
56.    New Millennium Indian Business Association of Malaysia
57.    Penang Indian Entrepreneurs and Professionals
58.    Penggerak Belia Zon23 MPSJ
59.    People’s Parliament
60.    Persahabatan Semparuthi
61.    Persatuan Aruloli Mandram, Malaysia
62.    Persatuan Kebajikan Dan Sosial Kamakshi Wilayah Utara
63.    Persatuan Kebajikan MGR
64.    Persatuan Kebajikan Namakkal Malaysia
65.    Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (EMPOWER)
66.    Persatuan Masyarakat Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan (PERMAS)
67.    Persatuan Meditasi Malaysia (Dhyana Ashram)
68.    Persatuan Penduduk Taman Muhibbah
69.    Persatuan Pergabung Tamil Malaysia
70.    Persatuan Silambam Malaysia
71.    Pertubuhan Kesedaran Hare Krishna Klang
72.    Pusat Komunikasi (KOMAS)
73.    Research for Social Advancement (REFSA)
74.    Saiva Siddhanta Mandram Malaysia
75.    Sarawak Central Region Friendship Association
76.    Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA)
77.    Sarawak Native Land Rights Owners (TAHABAS)
78.    Sarawakians Access (SACCESS)
79.    Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM)
80.    Selangor Indian Entrepreneurs and Professionals
81.    Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram)
82.    Sundararaja Perumal Devasthanam Klang
83.    Tamilar Sangam, Teluk Intan
84.    The Micah Mandate (TMM)
85.    Thiruvalluvar Nanneri Mayam Cameron Highlands
86.    Thiruvarul Thavaneri Mandram Malaysia
87.    Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO)
88.    World Tamil Federation – Malaysian Chapter
89.    Writer Alliance for Media Independence (WAMI)
90.    Yayasan Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan Pendidikan Tamil Malaysia (Tamil Foundation)


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