MCA stokes May 13 fires again: Chew must apologise for cheap shot

Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong, Information Chief of the People’s Justice Party’s Women’s Wing today called on MCA Member of Parliament (Petaling Jaya Utara) Chew Mei Fun to publicly apologise for her remarks, where she used ‘May 13’ (‘513’) to frighten Chinese voters who are considering voting for the Opposition.

Wong was referring a news report by China Press on January 21, which reported Chew as saying: “It is not a good thing if there is not enough Chinese representation in the BN, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident.”

Wong said that in a healthy democratic culture, sincere politicians should not use past tragedies to threaten and to frighten voters into supporting the status quo.

“We have been waiting for 30 years for truth and reconciliation to emerge from this tragic events of May 13.

“But if we continue to support the BN, we can be assured that there will be no truth, no resolution and no end to BN’s political exploitation of the tragedy,” added Wong, who pointed out that MCA did not fail to use the ghost of ‘May 13’ to frighten voters as part of its psy-war atg every General Elections, and also that ‘May 13’ has been used to admonish the Chinese in Malaysia during recent UMNO general assemblies.

Wong urged voters not to be misled by Chew’s alarmist opinions. “With more Opposition in Parliament and state assemblies, the BN will think twice before using cheap and racist issues in the public sphere.

“Voters must also keep in mind what is at stake this General Elections, that is, inflation and crime rates which have gone out of control and incoherent economic policies, all of which are caused by mismanagement by the current government,” she added. (END)


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